Sun science

What is Sun Science?

Sun Science is a startup company where we try to improve your experience with solar energy. We provide cheap solar panel installations all over Chicago area and we offer you also a giant base of knowledge with our handy books every month. So when you are trying to build a solar panel, it is better to contact us because we will make sure it is made affordably in accordance with current standards. You will also get education material from us about it.

What is our added value?

Many people ask us, what our biggest advantage is. What makes us different and better than everyone else is that our solar panel installations are made in accordance of newest standards and they are ingrained in your building differently depending on the material that the building is made of.

Do you think this is not a big thing? Well, unfortunately I have to  (negatively) surprise you that most of the companies these day do not offer that. Using the same technique on different building is of course not very good idea. It makes your designs more vulnareble and weaker.

Another giant thing is that we provide lifetime support for those panels. We offer surveillance that is done by the experts.


The topic that is in general not discussed much in solar business are thieves. Most people do not realize that there are a lot of people nowadays that want to get some illegal benefit from the solar panels. If someone leaves the house for several days, the thieves can just come for few hours during the night and uninstall the panels and take them. We provide a security against that and against vandalism and other unwanted consequences.

Surveillance with drones

We provide surveillance over different areas in Chicago. They will be under drone surveillance. For this we will ask the housing communities and general government if they agree with surveillance which is done by our experts. In case that someone would not allow this, this plan would not be part of our offer. This is why we do not want to discuss the prices of our offers because they depend on many different things. We have to manually look at the places where the panels are about to be installed and taken care off. So make sure you contact us with details such as:

  • Your budget
  • Amount of solar panels needed (roughly)
  • How much energy do you need
  • Special demands and requests.

Please make sure that when surveillance with drones is included, we prefer you to choose your own drone. Take a look at different resources on the internet which will tell you how to choose a surveillance drone.


Legal implications

In general we get a lot of inquiries for local communities to provide our service for whole neighborhood. Please note that we can only do this if we get the agreement of all the population in the neighborhood. This is especially important for drone surveillance where the rules set up by the government and local authorities are very strict. We can only perform this if we get the allowance from governmental agencies. In recent years it is getting also harder to get them.

Please note that we will not disturb your privacy or use anything against you. Our prime purpose is to provide people with green clean energy. We try to prioritize this goal over all other things and we take nature and global warming very seriously.