General guide to sun science – science of solar panels

Solar panels are nowadays used by some big cooperations on their buildings as well as by individuals. This business is very fast growing and it offers more kinds of affordable solar panels to the individuals every year. So this is quite a good business to consider. New innovations will in future further improve efficiency of solar panels. Moreover this will make the lifespan longer as well as efficiency. Countries pay a lot of money every year into  subsidies for solar electric energy.

So when choosing a new solar panel for your house or living object, you should consider several factors. The most important one is the conversion. How big is the conversion from sun energy to electrical. This is the subject of continuous innovations. So many things are actually improving in this area all the time. This is important because it gives you some indications about the future. You should have at least 8% conversion.

The second important thing is longevity of solar panels. They have in general different longevities. But they should last at least 10 years in order to make a profit with those panels. This is just how it is. We doubt that longevity will improve in the future since it is already quite long.

Different services that are included. At Sun science, we include some of the best services for you. Some other providers provide much less, but sooner than later you will fill this on your wallet. Services are eliminator of all hidden costs for solar panels! So additional services that you purchase are actually very important!